The radiator recognition and evaluation don't have to be complicated for your heat cost billing system!
„Nothing else in the world... not all the armies... is so powerful as an idea whose time has come”. (Victor Hugo 1802-1855).


We work with our clients and partners to settle our idea of an easy and low-cost system of radiator recognition and evaluation, which is included in the service provider’s routine.

Our company Thermosoft2000 has been since 1999 an independent system developer and partner of radiator recognition and evaluation. Our client portfolio includes more than 140 measurement service providers, utilities and estate agencies from different sizes and regions in Germany and abroad, which perform the billing. You have the chance to use our innovative system of database for a good price. By using our system you save time and money with radiator’s research and recognition. The radiator’s data and the specific values of the heating cost allocator (HKV) are important for a precise determination of the evaluation factor during the billing process.   
The fox knows the details...

The family of products Visual Therm ® has new members


The following versions are available in the product family Visual Therm®

Visual Therm® Standard
Visual Therm® Professional
Visual Therm® Account
Visual Therm® Viewer optional with Mobile-PC
Visual Therm® Corporate
Visual Therm® Mobile-PDA
Visual Therm® Mobile-Palm
Visual Therm® Web ( in preparation)
More information will come soon!


Mobile tools – “The Electronic Montage’s Device”

Our product family was completed with tools for the mobile data record. You can record the montage data (measurement, counter data WW, KW, WMZ, HKV and so on) electronically in the “Free Measure Evaluation II” from Visual Therm®. You can evaluate as your wish. Through new functions some procedures will be easier. Another possibility is the data record with PDA. This one was possible by means of a team work with the Steremat-CompArt GmbH. In addiction there is a variation for palm tops. The data is always compatible.


Training and calendar

Our courses can help you learning how the system works. We offer training each quarter in our headquarter. For other date, please arrange with us.

The courses have the following themes:

Part 1 Importance and type of radiator record – about the special features
Part 2 Orientation about dealing with the software – tips and tricks for beginners
Part 3 Working successfully with the system – tips and tricks for advancers
Part 4 Kc-values and methods of montage – workshop for experts
(to be launched in fall)

 Visual Therm® Account for little budget!
We have been offering our low-cost variation product since October 2003. It was customized for organizations with little level of evaluation. We have fitted the new version into a compact size. According to their necessities, clients are able to use step by step our modular software structure.

Another evaluation module

Our evaluation system Visual Therm has won a new interface for the billing system EXAD. This way Visual Therm ® has interface with 8 different billing systems.


Own stuff
We offer you the chance to use the biggest database about radiators. You can count own the quality and quantity of our database. We have won the challenge to collect the greatest quantity of old radiators of all times! We travel the whole Europe to get more and more pictures and information. Many clients and partners also support this search. A client said: “We see Thermosoft as a starting point and as a collector of  of radiator data. We give rare information in good hands. Therewith you let them available for all.” You can also help. We launch a list with the data we need.


New Online Service

We offer a new online service. The program from InQuiero is simple, light and suitable for your desktop. Until now, problems like firewall management, routing, etc. have not occured through the remote support of Visual Therm®. Are you interested on this desktop tool for your work? By clicking on the end of this website, you can freely test the program for 15 days, there is no need to install.

Are you also interested on this tool? You can test it for 15 days without installation. Just click on at the end of the site.

Short and concise!

Do you have problems with radiator recognition? We help you with our services in a fast way and without bureaucracy. With us there are neither monthly basic contributions nor contracts with long running time. We convince you with our performance!

Do you have questions? We help you around the clock through the FAQ’s at the “custom services”.


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